Music jobs

At some point or other I signed up for emails about jobs from artshub.It is a website providing information about jobs in the arts. Today there was 23 music jobs listed. However, only 3 of those jobs were actually for musicians. All the other jobs were for interns, directors, admin assistants and all sorts of […]

Paddy Bashing

I see Ireland’s budget airline Ryanair is in trouble with the media again for an advert featuring a model as a scantily clad schoolgirl, BBC article here. I got my first Ryanair flight a few months ago and it was actually a great experience despite all the horror stories I had read in the media. […]

It’s been a while.

Yes indeed, it has been a while since I posed last. I have been to China and back and am presently adding the finishing touches to the pop CD I have been producing there. The China project has been an amazing experience and some very good musicians have been involved in making the CD. I […]