Surge Saxophones

Starting with ¬†one piece for Saxophone Quartet inspired by an eventful weekend in Paris this project has evolved significantly over the last two years. The themes for the music have been specific locations and/or the experiences had there. ¬†Examples of places that have inspired so far have included Paris, my grandmothers house, London E5 and the Irish Sea. The concept widened further with the piece “Here” , it can of course mean wherever you are at a specific time but instead refers to the unavoidable loneliness of the human experience.

Lluis Mather – Sop & Alto Sax

Huw Morgan – Alto Sax

Chris Morgan – Tenor Sax

Nick Rundle – Baritone Sax

John Randall – Drums

Surge Saxophones – “Here

Surge Saxophones – “E5