What a weird start to a gig! The Jam House had booked a hairdressing corporate event before us so there were lots of hairdresser types and models doing hairy stuff before we started. This went on late and we didn’t get started till after 10.

Despite this we had a great gig. I am very pleased with the new Surge line up and we will be performing at the Yardbird Jazz Cafe in Birmingham on 15th January 2009. There was a modest turn out at the gig but those who were there vocalised their support loudly and we sold quite a few CD’s afterwards.

Massive respects to the musicians Ruth Angell – violin and vocals, Max Gittings – flutes and whistles, Aaron Diaz -trumpet and fx, Huw Morgan – alto saxophone, Rob Anstey – trombone and fx, Dan Wilkins – guitar and kora, Colin Somerville – bass and Jim Bashford -drums.

Russ Escritt was there taking pics so as soon as he has them up I will link to them.