Surge Orchestra 7th feb Our Surge Orchestra gig at mac was a huge success with a very heartening turn out. Feeling fully inspired and optimistic about the future of Surge as an established Birmingham ensemble. Plans are afoot. Here’s a couple of reviews of the gig that gives you more info on the set we played. Surge Orchestra review at Jazz Mann and Surge Orchestra review at Jazz Breakfast .Huge thanks to all at mac, Arts Council England, Feeney Trust, Peter Bacon PR, Garry Corbett, everyone who came and all the people who have helped out in various ways. Finally, the biggest thanks of all to the wonderful and talented musicians of Surge!

One thought on “Surge Orchestra

  1. Sid
    Loved the concert at the mac.
    You mentioned that there might be plans to release the gig on CD or video? When might this happen?
    Best wishes

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